Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New on DVD this week: The Dictator

This week we have four films to be released on DVD. Two of them I have seen and reviewed here on my blog, and the other two were ones that never really attracted me, although I have heard some fantastic reviews about one of them which is an Indonesian fighting film directed by a Welshman. That cross alone should have attracted me! None the less have a look at the films below.

THE DICTATOR - Sacha baron Cohen leads his first film which is fully scripted, and where everyone is fully aware. Here he plays the leader of a country where democracy is forbidden, so when other party leaders accept the request from the US to bring democracy the dictator heads to America to stop it. However he ends up being forced onto the streets and hidden amongst the millions that inhabit New York.

The Dictator trailer

THE CABIN IN THE WOODS - Received many different reviews, this satirical horror comedy pokes fun at all the generic horror cliches and shows us a lot of fun along the way. I won't reveal anything about the story as it is one watching if you have heard very little about.

The Cabin In The Woods trailer

THE RAID - A film which strings together fight scene after fight scene. An Indonesian SWAT team become trapped inside a tower block and have to literally fight their way out before they are killed by the army of killers who live there.

The Raid trailer

THE ANGEL'S SHARE - After avoiding a hefty jail sentence, a new Father and his mates seek a way to alter their lives after visiting a whiskey distillery.

The Angel's Share trailer

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