Wednesday, September 19, 2012

QUESTION: What is Sylvester Stallone's worst film?

With seeing the new Dredd last weekend I can't help but keep thinking about how much better it was than the Stallone version some 17 years ago. When I had a look back at it, it made me realise how many bad movies Stallone has done, and to be fair he has done more bad then good. What I want to ask then is which of his films do you think is the worst? I have put 5 below for you that I think are some of the poorest but I'm sure you can all think of more.

1. D-TOX -In a cop rehabilitation clinic, for cops who have been through traumatic experiences, Stallone plays a cop who is being hunted down by a killer who has them locked in their isolated clinic. Too cliched and already done to death.

2. DRIVEN - As an aging race car driver Stallone is hired by a team to teach a young hot shot driver how to handle the track. Could have been alright up until the drive formula one cars down the street moment. 

3. JUDGE DREDD - Back to this poor interpretation of a graphic comic, where Stallone plays the title character who is framed for murder in a futuristic crime ridden city. This doesn't do Dredd's story justice.

4. ROCKY V - Unfortunately Stallone's most well known franchise supplied us with a dud. Rocky is kept out of the ring this time and instead begins to coach a young kid with lots of potential, ending with fall outs and an eventual street fight which takes away the credibility of Rocky.

5. STOP! OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT - What a great title, what a poor movie. Stallone plays a detective whose Mum comes to visit and takes over every aspect of his life, including his job. Not so much a comedy as a poor version of one. What was Stallone thinking?

These are the 5 that I would say were up there as some of his poorest films. Shame that he has done so many considering he is a very well know actor, who will be remembered well into the future. Unfortunately for Sly though with every one good film he does there seems to be three bad. Let us know what you think.

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