Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New on DVD this week: American Reunion

If you are a fan of the American Pie movies then you will enjoy this weeks DVD release. There are a few films out but the main one is the 'final' or 'latest' installment to the American Pie franchise. Other films released are ones that were not huge successes at the box office or with me, but they are ones that will entertain you all the same. Take a look at them below.

AMERICAN REUNION - 9 years after the last installment and Jim and the gang have all grown up and are now in the stage of marriage, children and careers. However the gang have one lat chance to be young again when they attend a reunion in their old home town and they find themselves involved in the same old antics.

American Reunion trailer

THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY - The next 'Superman' stars alongside Bruce Willis in this CIA thriller. Henry Cavill finds himself being hunted down by Sigourney Weaver's government agent when his Father is accused of turning against his own government.

The Cold Light Of Day trailer

SAFE - Jason Statham is back kicking backside when a young girl, who has the ability to remember anything she sees, is targeted by a mob who are after the number she holds. With corrupt cop and gangs after her Statham becomes her only hope to avoid being caught.

Safe trailer

THE PIRATES IN AN ADVENTURE WITH SCIENTISTS - Wallace And Gromit style animation shows us a Pirate Captain on a mission to win the Pirate Of The Year award, causing him to go toe to toe with some fierce Pirates from across the globe.

The Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists trailer

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