Thursday, September 6, 2012

NEWS - Kick Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow hints that Jim Carrey is on board.

The top segment of news for this week comes to you in two loads. For starters the main news that was circling the movie world (other than the unfortunate, very sad death of Michael Clarke Duncan) was that Kick Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow had hinted on his Twitter account that Jim Carrey had been cast in the new movie. The tweet read something along the lines of; '6 days till we start shooting.....have our Colonel. Alrighty f*in then.' Now we all know Jim Carrey's famous catchphrase is that of his famous character Ace Ventura, so of course many put two and two together and came to this suggestion.

Only a couple of days after this news it was then revealed that in fact Jim Carrey will be playing Colonel Stars in Kick Ass 2, so Wadlow's code really wasn't hard to crack. Stars is the leader of a superhero team that puts together wannabee heroes who wish to save the day. However he once had connections to the DiMarco family meaning he may not be as rosy as it seems.

I have to admit I am a big fan of Carrey and despite his few poor films he generally is a good actor. He seems just as good in a serious role as he is a comedy one and I have to say not many actors can move their face the way he does. Kick Ass 2 opens next year and it is already one of the most anticipated. Next year seems to be promising a few crackers.

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