Friday, October 5, 2012

In Cinemas This Weekend: Emma Watson is Hermione no more

Hello everyone its Friday again meaning there are more films to be released in cinemas for you all to go out and see. As I've already stated above Emma Watson will be starring in a new film and it won't be alongside a scarred wizard with glasses, although I can't judge I haven't seen this new film. As well as that we have Liam Neeson, Ethan Hawke, and Whitney Houston's final film. There are 6 films for you to choose from so have a look below and see which one jumps out at you.

1. The Emma Watson new release is THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER, where she plays a senior in college who, along with a friend, take a freshman under their wings and teach him the ways of the college, and of life. Also starring: Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller, & Dylan McDermott. Will you want to be a wallflower?

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower trailer

2. Back in kick ass action is Liam Neeson in TAKEN 2, the sequel to the success story of 2008. This time he faces the Father's of the men he killed who wish to gain revenge against him and his family. When he is kidnapped along with his wife he must relay instructions to his daughter over the phone for her to ultimately save him. Also starring: Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace, & Leland Orser. Would you cross this man?

Taken 2 trailer

3. Yet another horror of ghosts in the house proportion in SINISTER, where Ethan Hawke plays a writer who moves in the house of a murdered family in order to gather research on them for his new book. As he digs into the mystery he start to see a ghostly figure that was involved in the killings and now it is coming after him. Also starring: Juliet Rylance, James Ransone, & Fred Dalton Thompson. Will this be deadly?

Sinister trailer

4. Star of How I Met Your Mother Josh Radnor directs, writes, and stars in LIBERAL ARTS. The story of a working man heading to his former college to celebrate the retirement of his old professor, but upon meeting a student he instantly falls in love and is faced with a powerful attraction that builds between them. Also starring: Elizabeth Olsen, Zac Efron, & Richard Jenkins. Can we help who we fall for?

Liberal Arts trailer

5. Whitney Houston unfortunately died before this film was finished but at least SPARKLE will give us one last chance to see her do her thing. In it she plays one of three sisters who become local stars due to their singing talent, however the more fame they collect the more turbulent their relationship becomes and this tight group of sisters begins to fall apart. Also starring: Jordin Sparks, Carmen Ejogo, & Derek Luke. Want to see the final swan song?

Sparkle trailer

6. Finally is Brit flick THE KNOT written by and starring Noel Clarke. The story follows Mena Suvari and Matthew McNulty as they prepare to tie the knot but things aren't going to be that easy and plenty of mishaps seem to be standing in their way of making it down the aisle. Also starring: Talulah Riley. Will they tie the knot?

The Knot trailer

There are you six films to choose from this weekend. Each film does have something that will attract people. One has a Harry Potter star, one is the sequel to a fantastic film, one will scare the wits out of you, one stars a popular sitcom actor, one is your typical romantic comedy, and one stars one of the greatest singers of our time. Plenty to pick from not enough time to see them all, I suggest you pick wisely.

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  1. Wallflowers looks painfully pretentious and predictable from the trailer. One hundred percent been turned off by that - even the promise of Emma Watson doing what looks like Burlesque routine can't sway me!