Wednesday, October 24, 2012

QUESTION: What is the scariest movie monster?

Hotel Transylvania brought something relatively fresh to the cinema audience last weekend in that it gave us a nice side to the monsters parents tell their children about in ghost stories. It was good to see them as loveable characters as opposed to ones we are all afraid of. Spinning it back on its head then I have decided to ask what is the scariest movie monster, but the choices will be from the character types that were in Hotel Transylvania. Look below to see which monsters were seen in a lighter way in that film and which ones in reality would scare you the most.

DRACULA - A legend of a vampire who would need to drink human blood through his pointy fangs in order to feed. He could also disguise himself as a bat in order to escape deadly situations and creep up on his prey.

FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER - Many get confused between which one Frankenstein was, he was the Doctor not the monster. The monster was a creation made out of random deceased body parts and then awakened by a lightning bolt. He then went on to despise humans due to the neglect from his creator.

WEREWOLF - A giant howling wolf that would howl during a full moon. The werewolf would then take human form until the following full moon where he would hunt for humans to feed.

THE MUMMY - A deceased human who was bandaged from head to toe and place in a tomb like coffin in a way of punishment during Egyptian times. The Mummy is one of these who have come back to life and exacts revenge on the human population.

ZOMBIES - Dead humans that have come back to life and stalk the living. They would kill by delivering a single bite that would transform the victim into a zombie.

There are 5 of the monsters portrayed in Hotel Transylvania that are given a gentler more comical side. Many will still imagine them as scary beings and that is probably how they are best known, so tell me which one was always the one you were most frightened of?

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