Wednesday, October 17, 2012

QUESTION: Who is Will Ferrell's best movie character?

With Will Ferrell giving us a fairly unforgettable character in The Campaign, which is disappointing as he had potential, I thought I would remind people of some of the excellent characters he has played over the years. Many have sprouted lines that have had many of you re-quoting in the pub on a Friday night and others have been so loved that sequels have been put in place due to public demand for this character. Of course he has had some poor ones but Ferrell has to be known for giving us great characters that we can all laugh along with and believe in within an unbelievable world. Your choices are below; who is Will Ferrell's best movie character?

1. BRENNAN HUFF (Stepbrothers) - Ferrell gives us the 40 year old son who has refused to leave home or get a job. When his Mother remarries they move in with her new husband who also has a 40 year old son who refuses to leave home or get a job. Cue sibling rivalry between two fully grown men. "You can call me Nighthawk!"

2. BUDDY THE ELF (Elf) - Raised as an Elf in the North Pole, Buddy travels to New York in order to find his Father, however in a large city Buddy finds it very hard to go unnoticed. "Buddy the Elf what's your favourite colour?"

3. FRANK THE TANK (Old School) - Not playing the lead but the supporting role, Ferrell is Frank Ricard, better known as Frank the Tank, best friend to Mitch who moves onto a college campus after splitting with his girlfriend meaning they are going to party like they were back in school. "We're going streaking!"

4. RICKY BOBBY (Talladega Nights) - Ricky Bobby is a NASCAR racer who is the best there has been until a new international driver joins the team and causes Ricky to have a terrible accident. Ricky must learn to fight the fear and come back as the best driver there has been. "I'm on fire!"

5. RON BURGUNDY (Anchorman) - The legend that is Ron Burgundy, a news anchorman who struggles to cope when a woman is being promoted through the ranks to work alongside him. "Damn I look good. Hey everybody come see how good I look."

There are five of his best characters, all with one of their best lines. Ferrell is known for bringing larger than life characters even larger than life and this list shows it. Some great characters and some great films but which is your favourite?

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