Wednesday, October 3, 2012

QUESTION: What is the best time travel movie?

With the release of Looper last weekend, a film based around the notion of being able to time travel, I have been researching into time travel movies to see what the best ones out there are. I have noticed that Total Film have done a feature on it and stated their favourite top 50 time travel movies. Starting from the top of their list, with the films I have seen, I've listed 5 films below with the question what is the best time travel movie? Of course there will be others so feel free to add more in the comments. Do you agree with their list?

1. 12 MONKEYS - When the future's population becomes decimated by disease a corporation send Bruce Willis back in time to find out what started the virus, and for him to destroy it before it wipes out every man on Earth.

2. BACK TO THE FUTURE - Marty McFly gets caught up with a mad scientist and transported back in time in a time machine he has invented out of a Deloreon. Whilst in the past Marty becomes the affections of a younger version of his Mother which could possibly have dangerous repercussions on the future.

3. DONNIE DARKO - Jake Gylenhaal play the title character who after narrowly avoiding death begins to have visions of a man in a bunny costume who tells him the World will end soon, transporting Donnie through time with the ability to find a way to stop it.

4. GROUNDHOG DAY - Bill Murray awakens on Groundhog Day and begins his normal life, however when he goes to bed at night he wakes up and finds himself back on Groundhog Day once again, a continual loop that never seems to end so how will he escape?

5. THE TERMINATOR - Sarah Connor is soon to give birth to the resistant leader of a future rebellion army who manage to take down a cybernetic race that has taken over the world called the terminators. In order to prevent this from happening the machines send a terminator back in time to kill Sarah before she gives birth, but the humans are wise and send back their own man in order to protect her.

There are your 5 then and I'm pretty sure you have all seen them as they are all cracking films. Total Film listed Back To The Future as their number one but do you agree? Let us know below.


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  2. It has to be Back to the Future! I also enjoyed Source Code last year (which wasn't on your list) and I'd say Terminator 2 is better than the original.

  3. Ooo I would maybe disagree with you on The Terminator comment, I think they're both ace but they seem like two very different films based around the same premise. The first is a dark thriller, and scarier, where as the second is more action. It as though the second is what the first could have been if they done it in a different genre. Still think both are brilliant though but weren't going to put them both of the list.

    SOurce Code was great but like I said in post I picked out the ones in the top 10 of the Total Film list and Source Code wasn't in it.