Thursday, October 18, 2012

NEWS - New teaser poster for Carrie remake; First image arrives from The Evil Dead remake

The news for this week comes from two horror remakes that are due to hit cinemas next year. It once again raises the question of whether remakes are needed and whether or not they ever live up to the original films. It does seem rather pointless releasing a film that has been done so well before but I suppose as long as people are buying the tickets they don't really care.

New teaser poster for Carrie remake

First piece of news is the teaser poster that has been released for the remake of Carrie.

Looks full of blood and gore and stands out as that is Chloe Grace Moretz who is lathered in it. You don't seem to get many A-list stars signing up for these type of remakes (some may have started their career there, Jessica Biel) so that should mean it was an attractive project for these stars. Could that mean this one may break from the norm of bad horror remakes? With Julianne Moore also starring perhaps it could be.

The poster tells us what we already know about Carrie. We will know her name by the end! The film is due for release 5th April 2013 in the UK. If you can't wait take a look at the picture below from the film or rent the original to gain an initial feel.

First image arrives from The Evil Dead remake

Another remake another image, although this one I'm sure will find it harder to please fans. The original Sam Raimi classic was such a genre defining piece that it may struggle to gain the same respect being brought out in today's world, especially after The Cabin In The Woods poked so much fun at the concept used in this film.

However let's not judge until we have seen. Mr Raimi, although not directing, has had a major influence on the production and he won't want to see a bad remake. Plus Bruce Campbell has said we will love it. We shall see.

The image gives us a sneaky look at a young 'dead' girl emerging from that hidden basement. Now what could she be doing down there?

The film is due for release on 12th April 2013 in the UK, so exactly a week after Carrie. Could mean a good couple of weeks at the cinema then, as long as they don't venture into the poor remake genre!!

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