Wednesday, October 31, 2012

QUESTION: Best Daniel Craig film?

With Daniel Craig bringing an emotionally brilliant performance in the latest Bond movie Skyfall I thought it would be good to look back at some of his films and decide what we think is his best. Before he became Bond he was relatively unknown but now he has propelled himself into the Hollywood stratosphere. He has had many supporting roles in the past, I have watched many films where he seems to appear in the background, but I want to look at the films he has made within the last ten years where he plays more of a lead. Have a look at 5 choices below and let us know what is Daniel Craig's best film?

1. CASINO ROYALE - Craig's first outing as Bond was a fine performance in a fine film indeed. It can be seen as one of the better Bond's to date. In the film we go back to the beginning and witness how he undertook his first mission which pitted him against LeChiffre who is using poker winnings to fund terrorism.

2. COWBOYS & ALIENS - Released only last year Craig plays a cowboy with a severe case of memory loss who is hunted by Harrison Ford's badass outlaw, however they soon become allies when the Old West is threatened by aliens.

3. DEFIANCE - Here he stars as one of a set of Jewish brothers in Nazi occupied Eastern Europe. He leads many Jews into a forest to build a new village to keep them safe from the dangers that are around them.

4. LAYER CAKE - Playing the man with no name Craig is a drug dealer who wants to retire with the small fortune he has made himself, however a bigger fish than him soon asks him to take on one last deal which causes him to fall into a triangle of sex, betrayal and death.

5. THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO - Another released last year. A remake of the Swedish version and an adaptation of the popular book Craig plays journalist Mikael Blomkvist who is hired to find an elderly man's niece who disappeared many years ago. In order to find her he has to hire an expert computer hacker; a mysterious woman with obsolete social skills.

There are 5 to pick from then and I have to say 3 of them are very good films, the other 2 are slightly average but definitely have their audience. Anyway let me know what you think then, what is Daniel Craig's best film?

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  1. I'd have to go with Casino Royale from that list, although the moment I saw Layer Cake I knew that he'd be the next James Bond before he was even considered for casting.