Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New on DVD this week: Red Tails

Not many films will be new to your local Blockbusters this week with only two to be released and neither of them really being highly marketed when they were in cinemas. One had an official release but failed to really stamp its place despite being attached to George Lucas' name, and the other had some good reviews but was only released for an indie market. I have seen neither of these so can't really comment but if you are thinking of renting or buying this week have a look at what is new below.

RED TAILS - The story of a crew of African American pilots segregated from other pilots in training due to their race, leaving them on the ground during the War, however with the air force depleting they are called into action to finally make a name for themselves.

Red Tails trailer

THE HUNTER - Willem Dafoe is a hunter sent into the Tasmanian Wilderness by a mysterious biotech company who want him to bring back the last remaining Tasmanian tiger.

 The Hunter trailer

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