Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New on DVD this week: Prometheus

On DVD this week happens to be one of the films I was most excited about this year. The trailer looks astounding, the director is fantastic, the cast are brilliant, and it is taking us back to a world we all loved thirty odd years ago. However when I saw the film I was really disappointed and it didn't live up to half the expectation I had for it. Many other critics have loved it though so don't be put off by my reasons for not liking it. It has been reviewed on this site so have a look at it if you are considering renting this film. I still may rent it myself to see if I can piece together all the unanswered questions. As well as that there is Tom Cruise as a rock star and Plan B's directorial debut. Have a look below.

PROMETHEUS - Ridley Scott returns to the world of Alien in the sort of prequel to it. The premise this time is a crew heading to a distant planet to investigate whether or not our creators inhabit it, however things don't go as smoothly as they wanted it to.

Prometheus trailer

ROCK OF AGES - A musical starring some pretty big names about a young couple who meet in a mysterious club whilst pursuing their Hollywood dreams. The club consists of some outrageous characters including Tom Cruise with long hair, and is being threatened of closure by Catherine Zeta Jones feminist group.

Rock Of Ages trailer

ILL MANORS - Directorial debut for Plan B brings us a story roughly like ones he witnessed when he grew up living in London. The film is a gritty urban affair based around the gang violence going on in the city.

Ill Manors trailer

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