Friday, November 9, 2012

In Cinemas This Weekend: The best bad idea ever!

Welcome back it is another Friday morning and I am preparing myself for what lies ahead in the cinemas for me. I am a little excited this weekend as one of my favourite directors, Ben Affleck, has a film hitting screens today. As well as his film we have another Kevin James comedy and Chris Pine pops up in his second film of the year. A few to pick from this week and unlike last week there are actually a few that I would be up for seeing. Take a look below at what films are hitting screens and see which one takes your liking.

1. Ben Affleck has made a name for himself over the last few years due to providing some excellent direction in some excellent films. As well as that he has also been starring in them and performing pretty well. This week sees his third directorial film ARGO which is the title of a fake movie Ben's CIA agent has concocted so he and his team can enter Iran and extract six American diplomats held captive. Also starring: Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, & Alan Arkin. Will the fake movie be a hit?

Argo trailer

2. Kevin James returns, after lending his voice to Hotel Transylvania, in HERE COMES THE BOOM. James plays a teacher who takes up cage fighting in order to raise enough money to save his school from being closed down. Problem is he's a teacher and what does he know about mixed martial arts? Also starring: Salma Hayek, Henry Winkler, & Greg Germann. Will he see it before it hits him?

Here Comes The Boom trailer

3. Next up is family drama PEOPLE LIKE US. The film stars Chris Pine as a man who learns he has a sister whilst settling his recently deceased Father's estate. He tracks across country to find her but when they connect he struggles to tell her he is her long lost brother. Also starring: Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Pfeiffer, & Michael Hall D'Addario. Can they reignite a dying family?

People Like Us trailer

4. American Pie star Jason Biggs plays an oddball friend in GRASSROOTS. When his best friend loses his job as a journalist Biggs does all he can to help him earn a seat on the Seattle City Council, unfortunately Bigg's odd ways only lead to disaster. Also starring: Joel David Moore, Lauren Ambrose, & Cobie Smulders. Is friendship more than a job?

Grassroots trailer

5. Two British Arabs must fight to be part of a community in MY BROTHER THE DEVIL. Rashid and Mo struggle to face their prejudices whilst living on the streets plagued by gangland violence in the centre of London. Starring: James Floyd, Fady Elsayed, Said Taghmaoui, & Aymen Hamdouchi. Will race stand in their way?

My Brother The Devil trailer

6. Last and certainly not least is THE SAPPHIRES, a new comedy drama starring Chris O'Dowd as the manager for four talented Australian Aboriginal young girls who are part of the girl group The Sapphires. The girls are sent to Vietnam to perform for the US troops during the war where they learn about the travesty they have become a part of by entering the country. Also starring: Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, & Shari Sebbens. Can they sing their troubles away?

The Sapphires trailer

There you have it for another week then. 6 films for you to choose from and a few that sound rather intriguing. I already know what I wish to see this week, do you? Check back in on Monday and read my review of the film I do see and of course let us know below which one it is that has taken your liking. Happy weekending folks.

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