Thursday, November 15, 2012

NEWS - Mark Wahlberg confirmed for Transformers 4

The news I bring to you this week actually came about towards the end of last. The reason I highlight it then is that I am still slightly in shock about it, and nothing else this week has caught my eye quite as much as this. The reason I find it shocking is because how did Michael Bay manage to persuade Mark Wahlberg to star in a franchise that was killed by the previous two instalments? That's two of the only three so other than the first film it has never been on an even keel. LaBeouf was an unknown in the first film so it is understandable why he snapped up the chance to make his name but Wahlberg doesn't need to lower himself to this does he? His appearance in the film may make it better but I'm also still struggling to understand in what direction they will take these films now as the first three drained all the robot fighting enthusiasm out of most people. It has also been known that Wahlberg was simply rumoured online for the role in T4, which Michael Bay quickly quashed only to back track and cast him. By all accounts he reckoned the rumours got him thinking it would be a good idea and with them co-working on new film Pain And Gain he asked and Wahlberg agreed.

Wahlberg is set to play a father whose daughter and boyfriend get caught up in the robot's issues. As of yet no casting is confirmed of the other two but it is rumoured that they need to be available from April for shooting and for three movies. Does that mean Wahlberg has signed up for three? So more shocking news is that they are making another trilogy. I think it is about time Hollywood stopped milking the cash cows and something new is brought forward. As for Wahlberg I am slightly surprised at his willingness to participate in this but then again he is known for doing one great film and then a handful of bad. Perhaps I shouldn't judge as, as of yet I know nothing much about the film which could be epic, sadly though my hopes are not high. More to come of this in the next few months.

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