Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New on DVD this week: Men In Black 3

Another week another collection of DVD's hitting the rental shop's shelves. This week we have a mega franchise film hitting stores. Despite its popularity it can be safe to say it is on a downward spiral and should maybe be nipped in the bud before it goes too far. Not to say this new one is a bad effort but I just hope it doesn't eventually lose its way. Another stars one of the most improved actors. The guy is one of my favourites at the moment and I am unsure whether he has got better or just started picking better films. This man is Matthew McConaughey. Lately he has been ace in all his films. Take a look at the films below and see what you could be watching on these cold dark nights this week.

MEN IN BLACK 3 - Will Smith returns as Agent J to protect the Earth from the scum of the Universe. In this outing he time jumps back to 1969 to erase a man who destroys Agent K in the future. Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K is given another outing in a different era this time played by Josh Brolin as the younger version. Can Agent J convince him who he is and ultimately give him a longer future?

Men In Black 3 trailer

KILLER JOE - Matthew McConaughey plays hitman Joe, who Emile Hirsch hires to kill his Mother to get the insurance payout he desperately need. Only Joe wants a large deposit and chooses that to be Hirsch's sister. Only when the wheels are in motion does Hirsch realise that trusting this man was a big mistake.

Killer Joe trailer

JOYFUL NOISE - The story of a choir whose success comes to an abrupt stop when a new leader comes on board with new ideas that the choir refuse to accept. Can they solve their differences before their big competition?

 Joyful Noise trailer

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