Wednesday, November 28, 2012

QUESTION: Who is the most up and coming young actress?

Jennifer Lawrence has recently hit the ground running when it comes to performing in Hollywood films. Since starting out in smaller films, such as Winter's Bone, she has gone on to be cast as recurring characters in two major franchises, X-Men and The Hunger Games. As well as these she has given a star turn in this week's release, Silver Linings Playbook. She really is a major star for the future. Looking at Miss Lawrence then I thought I would ask who else there is who is being shaped to become a future star. There are several young actresses ready to pounce onto the big stage and stake a claim to remain there. Have a look at five potential candidates below and start looking out for their movies, as they will definitely be moving on to bigger things.

1. JUNO TEMPLE - Recently had a small part in Christopher Nolan's final Batman epic and has also acted alongside James McAvoy in Atonement and Matthew McConaughey in Killer Joe. With 9 films already announced, or completed, expect to see much more of Juno in the next few years.

2. ELIZABETH OLSEN - Often the forgotten Olsen sister but if anything has shown she is actually the better actress out of them. Recently she has been a huge success, giving great performances in Silent House, Martha Marcy May Marlene and had a support role in Red Lights. For the future she is slated for 4 films with one of them being Spike Lee's Oldboy remake.

3. HAILEE STEINFELD - In her first major film debut she was nominated for an Oscar for her brilliant performance in the Coen Brothers' True Grit. She hasn't graced the screen quite so much since but that may be due to her being involved in 6 films, all to be released within the next two years. She is also the next female to portray the character of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet's next big screen outing.

4. CHLOE GRACE MORETZ - Will be remembered by most for dropping the 'c' bomb when she played Hit Girl in Kick Ass and although she is returning to that role, she could well be remembered now for portraying Carrie in the remake of the older film. As well as these she has played a werewolf and a vampire, whilst also being Joseph Gordon Levitt's younger sister in 500 Days Of Summer. Out of these five she is probably the most known and will be seen in no less than 10 films over the next few years.

5. SAOIRSE RONAN - Starred alongside Juno Temple in Atonement and also gave a great performance in The Lovely Bones. Saoirse is still building her portfolio but it already includes playing an assassin and a ghost trapped in the afterlife. Expect to see more of her as she is soon to hit screens in The Host, from the author of the Twilight books. If this is another potential franchise let's just say she will have a good few films coming her way.

These are possibly the 5 I would suggest have the most potential. As always there will be others out there who are just as good but these gals all have many films soon to hit screens and have already given great performances in the ones they have been seen in. Anyway if you haven't heard of one, keep an eye out for them after this as I'm sure you will now be able to spot them and understand why they are ones for the future.


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