Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New on DVD this week: Ted

A couple of rather crude films to be released on DVD this week, along with a spandex wearing, white sticky stuff throwing superhero (and that one isn't meant to be crude). To top off the clearly adult theme of DVD releases this week we also have two children's films coming out. I have never seen such an array of movies brought out in one week. Let's hope the parents don't get the DVD's in the wrong cases before they leave the store. The last thing the children need is to see the crudest talking teddy bear to grace this Earth. Anyway they are some delightful choices with one of the films being in our top 10 and another as our worst of the year so far. Take a look below.

TED - Seth Macfarlane of Family Guy fame writes and directs his first feature film that tells the story of a teddy bear that comes to life after a young boy's wish comes true. However as the child grew up so did the bear and now he is a pot smoking, prostitute using, foul mouthed cashier at the local supermarket and he's getting in his owner's way.

DIARY OF A WIMPY KID 3 - The wimpy kid returns and this time he is full to the brim of plans to fill his summer vacation, although when they all fail he is stuck with very little to do and has to find other ways to entertain himself.

MAGIC MIKE - Strippers is the plot behind this movie. Channing Tatum removes his clothes for a living and introduces a new friend to his line of work, but when Tatum meets his friend's sister he begins to realise that there is more to his life than taking off his clothes.

BRAVE - Disney Pixar bring out their next addition in Brave. Set in Scotland the film follows a Princess who defies her tradition which brings disgust from her people causing a beastly curse to be set on them. The Princess must perfect her archery skills and return home in the hope of saving the people she loves.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN -A reboot of Sam Raimi's Spiderman films is also released. This new direction takes us down the mystery of Peter Parker's missing parents before he is bitten by a spider and turns into New York's new superhero, where he must stop the evil plans of his Father's former colleague who has turned himself into a giant lizard.

The Amazing Spider-man trailer 

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