Wednesday, November 21, 2012

QUESTION: Worst Kevin James movie?

As usual I'm directing my question towards the film I saw in cinemas last weekend, unfortunately though that film was Here Comes The Boom. After watching it I realised that I can't remember a good movie that Kevin James has been involved in, where we see his face on screen that is. When he was Doug Heffernan in King Of Queens I thought he was great, and I really enjoyed the sitcom, however since he has made the step to film he has failed to keep us all laughing. Hitch is probably his best film to date and is the only role he has played that isn't typical him but when I researched his other films all have had bad reviews and are all rated 6.0 or lower on imdb. Not good for an actor that had a long successful sitcom. So to look at his films I found it too hard to pick a best so thought it would be better to let you pick the worst. 5 films below; what is Kevin James worst?

1. GROWN UPS - Some thought this was good I thought it was bad. James plays one of a group of friends who get together for a weekend after spending the years since school apart. The group ditch their partners and end up enjoying the same activities they did when they were kids. Now what could be more fun?

2. I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY - Teaming alongside friend Adam Sandler, James plays a fireman who loses his insurance once his wife dies. The only way he can get it back is to pose as a homosexual with his colleague Sandler but can they keep up their facade when a detective and smoking hot lawyer are on their case?

3. PAUL BLART: MALL COP - I really thought this would be better but as per usual the trailer took away all the good bits. James is Blart, a mall cop who wants to be a policeman. He gets his chance to convince when the mall he patrols is taken hostage and he is the only means of escape.

4. THE DILEMMA - Playing friend to Vince Vaughn, James is the unsuspecting man whose wife is having an affair. With Vince knowing he must decide whether it is best to tell his chum or let him remain happy.

5. ZOOKEEPER - When a zookeeper (James) threatens to quit his job in his search for love, the animals break their code of silence and attempt to talk their favourite zookeeper into keeping his job and finding love at the same time.

Now there are 5 pretty bad movies. I feel bad bringing down an actor I always loved as I was growing up but his turn into film has really not gone his way. He is becoming the go-to guy when Sandler may be too expensive and I can't help but think he is in his shadow. Go back to the beginning Kevin and show the world you aren't another Sandler and please stop doing such abysmal movies. Thank you.

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