Wednesday, November 7, 2012

QUESTION: Best stop motion movie?

After seeing Frankenweenie last week I found myself searching the internet to find other gothic stop motion films much in the vein of this film. Whilst on my search I found an interesting article on The writer had published a category under Hollywood Movies; 5 Best Stop Motion Movies. So I took a look and there were some pretty good movies on the list. So what I thought I would do is ask you this question and post their five top stop motion movies and see if we agree. The five are below now tell me which one is your favourite.

1. MARY AND MAX - A story about two pen pals who write to each other often although one is an 8 year old girl and the other a 44 year old man.

2. FANTASTIC MR FOX - Adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic book. A clever fox antagonises a local farmer by stealing his produce; however he must defend his own kind when the farmer's retaliation becomes a little psychotic.

3. THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS - Old school Christmas tale from producer Tim Burton about character Jack Skeleton who attempts to bring the joys of Christmas to gothic town Halloweentown, whose residents are constantly depressed.

4. CHICKEN RUN - Mel Gibson lends his voice to a cockerel that flies into a farmer's chicken coup and reluctantly helps them escape the farm before they are all killed and put into pies.

5. CORPSE BRIDE - Another Tim Burton film, although here he directs. A young groom practises his vows in an isolated place although a corpse laying nearby resurrects upon hearing these vows believing he was reciting them to her.

So there are the five posted on and they are all ace films meaning it will be tough to pick which one is the best. On the website Mary And Max was rated number one and also has the highest rating on IMDB, however it is probably the one that is the least well known. Anyway let us know which one of these you think is the best. 

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