Wednesday, November 14, 2012

QUESTION: What is Ben Affleck's worst film?

Lately Ben Affleck has completely turned his career around. He was once the cheesy, less than capable actor who played a leading ladies man with very little clout. He was often slated for his performances and on some occasions blamed for the outcome of the movie. In the past 5 years Affleck has turned his status around. Since directing the brilliant Gone Baby Gone he has made a respectable name for himself as being a director. He then moved on to direct, and star in, The Town. Another that was a brilliant film and Affleck also manages to direct himself in to a decent performance. Now comes the cream of the crop, Argo where he directs his first movie out of his comfort zone and directs himself in a performance you didn't think he would be capable of. He has turned his fortunes around and fair play to him as now I feel he is going to continue to be a respected director and alter his status in the Hollywood world. However he has made some stinkers and I looked at 5 of these to see what his worst ones were. Not to bring his recent excellent work down but I thought it would be much more of  to look at some awful films. Being a fan of Affleck's recent work I hope, instead of reading this and being put off by him, that you can come to appreciate how well he has transformed himself into someone who deserves a lot of recognition.

1. FORCES OF NATURE - Affleck plays a man soon to be married who meets a fresh love when he is involved in an incident on a plane. Cue decisions as to what direction his life should continue in. Oh and this one also stars Sandra Bullock!!

2. GIGLI - The film that could have completely derailed his career. Starring alongside his then fiancee Jennifer Lopez, he plays a hit man who becomes best friends with another man and woman via a hostage. It even sounds dull to read. The film has been rated a 2.4 on IMDB so is one that is best avoided.

3. PHANTOMS - One of his much earlier films, but still after the brilliant Good Will Hunting, Ben plays one of a group of survivors who must rid the 'phantoms' who are killing people in his town.

4. SURVIVING CHRISTMAS - Playing a lonely millionaire, Affleck turns up in a family romantic comedy that you would have expected of him back in the day. Here he pays a family to spend Christmas with him after getting fed up of being lonely.

5. THE THIRD WHEEL - Finally the story of a couple who hit a homeless man in their car and then struggle to break free from him for the rest of the night. Doesn't sound like much of a movie to me Ben.

Well as we can see he has certainly done some shockers but instead of remembering these let's look at how brilliant his films are now and I hope highlighting these films makes you realise that he has become the man to watch if you are to be guaranteed a good film. By directing Affleck has matured and I would like to think it is safe to say that these poor rom coms he once starred in are a thing of the past.


  1. I haven't seen Gigli but apparently it is one of the worst films ever made. Daredevil was pretty bad too.

  2. At least with Daredevil I can understand him doing it, I have read he is a fan of the comics and has been rumoured to perhaps direct the sequel, but these other films are terrible and other than money why would he do them.