Thursday, November 8, 2012

NEWS - Jamie Foxx to play Electron in The Amazing Spider-man 2; Harrison Ford open to Star Wars return

Two news releases over the past week caught my eye. The first one was spoke highly about towards the end of last week but thought it was a rather interesting choice and the second ties in with last week's news and also seems fairly obvious and generic.

Jamie Foxx to play Electron in The Amazing Spider-man 2

When I saw this news I thought it was fairly intriguing. It doesn't seem like the sort of film Foxx usually gets involved in but if it is the case it could be some exciting news. Foxx's career has had its blips but he was fantastic in Collateral and I'm sure most of you are looking forward to seeing him in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. Foxx's involvement in the next Spider-man might make many more excited to see it as the first 'new' instalment was quite a letdown compared to the hype it was receiving, hopefully Foxx could be the spark that kicks that franchise off into a new direction. He is slated to play Electron who is a villain who can control the lightning after being struck by it. Many have speculated he was the man in the shadows of the post-credits sequence of The Amazing Spider-man, the character not Foxx himself. Anyway not much more has been released on the topic but you will know if it does.

Harrison Ford open to Star Wars return

I suppose it wasn't going to be long before the Star Wars rumours started. I find this release rather generic though as of course Ford was going to offer to return as why wouldn't he? As well as Ford, Mark Hammil and Carrie Fisher (who played Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia respectively) have also announced an interest. Could we be seeing them as mentors to a new crew? Or will this trilogy follow them as they continue their adventure in a home for the elderly in space? With Ford turning 70 it may be safe to say he won't be launching himself into space too much but after the disappointment of the previous trilogy maybe Hans Solo is the one character who can bring the third trilogy back to the brilliance of the first.

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