Friday, November 23, 2012

In Cinemas This Weekend: There's always a silver lining no matter how messed up things seem.

Happy Friday everybody. It's that time of the week again where new films come rocking into your local cinema. I'm quite excited about the films this week as we now have a few to choose from. Over the last month we've had some pretty big releases that have flooded the cinemas but now we are hopefully going to be getting back to having a wide range of films to choose from. This week we have 5 brand new films released and all of them look rather splendid.

1. First up sees Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence star as two individuals suffering from mental illness in SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. The pair grow close through their issues, and use it as a way to connect and help them through the difficult times in their lives. Also starring: Robert De Niro & Jacki Weaver. Will they find their silver lining?

Silver Linings Playbook trailer

2. Colin Firth takes on a different kind of role in GAMBIT. Fed up of his unpleasant boss, an art curator (Firth) attempts to seek revenge by conning him into buying a fake famous painting, but in order for his plan to work he requires the help of Cameron Diaz's eccentric cow girl. Also starring: Alan Rickman & Stanley Tucci. Will the crazy scheming work?

Gambit trailer

3. The writer of Training Day writes and directs new police drama END OF WATCH. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena as two traffic cops wanted by a notorious drug cartel after they confiscate a stash of money and weapons during a routine spot check. Told in a documentary/handheld camera style to really pull you into the action. Also starring: Anna Kendrick & Natalie Martinez. Can they escape the murderers who want them dead?

End Of Watch trailer

4. In preparation for Christmas David Tennant stars in NATIVITY 2 playing a new teacher lead on a school field trip which is taking the children to the National 'Song For Christmas' Competition. Taking his pregnant wife along with him the group find themselves trekking through fields and experiencing episodes not too dissimilar from the story behind Christmas. Also starring: Jason Watkins, Thomas Ainge, & Adrianna Bertola. Can they go all that way and leave with nothing?

Nativity 2 trailer

5. Finally is little known film STARBUCK. Starbuck is one man's code name when he used to donate sperm twenty years ago, however when his new lover falls pregnant his name resurfaces and 142 of the 533 children he created in the past are all desperate to meet their biological father. Starring: Patrick Huard, Julie LeBreton, Antoine Bertrand, & Dominic Philie. Can you imagine having 533 illegitimate children?

Starbuck trailer

5 films then, 1 movie to choose, which one will you go for? Of course you can see more than one if you please but what would be your top choice? Hopefully the above will give you some idea into what you could be seeing with all being intriguing in their own way. After Twilight weekend last week I am pleased to announce I am excited to go back to the cinema again.

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